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In the world of online casinos in New Jersey, there are a wide range of games that are available to players. There are the most famous games like online poker, roulette, and blackjack. However, there are a range of other games that you might have never heard of. These games might be hugely popular in other parts of the world, and are now starting to make their mark in New Jersey online casinos.

One of these games that is becoming more and more popular, is known as Sic bo, and is fast becoming a firm favorite amongst New Jerseyans who are looking for something a little different. Originating from Asia, and also known as tai sai, dai sui, or hi-lo, this game of chance has some incredible winning opportunities that are available for all players.

To learn more about this great game, you have come to the perfect place. On our site you will find a listing of the finest online New Jerseyan casinos, all of which offer Sic bo to NJ players. There are some great learning resources which are available, which will help you get your head around some of the intricacies of this game. But don’t be put off if you have never even heard of this game. There are good reasons why so many players enjoy Sic bo and you will be surprised at how easy it is to learn!

The game of Sic bo differs to craps in that every single roll will result in bets winning or losing. In very brief summary, player’s place bets on certain areas of the table. The dealer will then pick up a small chest which contains the dice, and after shaking, will open the chest to reveal the dice. The numbers that are then showing will then result in some bets winning, and other bets losing. So playing the game of Sic bo is actually quite easily.

Where it gets more complicated is in terms of all the betting options that are available to NJ players. For instance, in a Big bet, the players bets on the total of the combined dice being 11 to 17, with the exception of a triple. A Small bet is the same, except with the total being between 4 and 10. In an Odd bet, the total number will be an odd number, again with the exception of a triple.

These are just three of the bets that are available, but there are a whole range of others that can be used by NJ players. Obviously each bet type has different odds, with a different house edge, and this is where you will have to make most of your decisions. You will need to decide what bet to place, and how much you are willing to bet.

TOP online sic bo casinosJuly 2024
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Online NJ Casinos Bring You Sic bo at its Best

Try online Sic bo today at one of the best casinos in New Jersey. NJ players should register at one of these top sites, and then have a look at the great learning resources that are available. Once you are feeling more confident and familiar with this great game, try your luck by placing a few real money bets, and you might just win big!